Visiting the US – Occasional Report – pt11

Over a week late, but a final update.

Saturday morning, following the essential coffee I mentioned in the last update, was spent trying to get the used to framing photos whilst looking up. Since I knew the day was going to be spent on my feet I dawdled around Bryant Sq. IMG_3218 until the New Balance shoe shop opened so I could get a pair of the sort they sell to postal workers and other foot-bound workers. Then a little bit of wondering how you frame a building that doesn’t have consistent straight sides like  IMG_3207 .

Lunchtime and it’s all the way downtown to meet up with Simon & Christophe. After a gumbo lunch on the waterfront it’s an afternoon spent wandering and photographing, with stops in the obvious photo-shops to see if there’s anything to tempt one into debt. Slowly but surely heading back northwards to the allure of the Apple store on 5th Avenue. Christophe took his leave of us at this point and then Simon & I wombled off in search of food. The main problem being I was staying close to Times Square so everything is pure tourist. So, after dropping my accumulated goodies from the day at the hotel we headed up-town to Simon’s neck of the woods to the Heights Bar & Grill for a bite, drink and natter.

Sunday, and gentle amble around until lunch, pausing to note the IMG_3300 Free Tibet demonstration in Bryant Sq. Then after a suitably chunky burger for lunch it’s time for the tourist trip and an open-top bus ride of Uptown.  As much as anything this was a test of the dual camera approach, switching depending on which lens was needed. The necks straps definitely get in the way but I’d like to avoid an ‘oops’ moment so maybe some sort of wrist-strap and clip might be an idea. As usual, a selection of the captures are available in the gallery Items of note, we were brought to a stop for 15 minutes whilst in Harlem due to one of the lightning protests  IMG_0154 following the verdict in the case against the officers who shot Sean Bell.

As for Monday, not a lot to say. It was raining and dull, so the Downtown bus trip was a chance to look at the ground floors of buildings through steamy bus windows. A very nice Cobb salad for lunch and then a very slow taxi ride to the airport (over an hour) before the tedium of the flight home.

And when do I blog next ?  Who knows.